That Way.

A project by Kate Spence and Robin Pugh.


Kate and Robin have been performing child led walks with their 2 year old son, exploring the green spaces or lack thereof in cities.  Green spaces provide a safe place for children to explore and play, whilst allowing the parent a welcome respite from the stresses of urban dangers. Birmingham is labelled a biophillic city due to the amount of green space within it’s borders but these spaces are located throughout the suburbs and on the outskirts. Exploring both the green spaces and the city centre and comparing it with other biophillic cities like Oslo has highlighted the need for greater integration of these oases into central urban areas for the well being of both children and and adults alike.


Within this website you will find an evolving portfolio of maps/routes and artworks based on these walks. Like our son this project is in it's infant stages, overtime we intend to perform more walks including group walks, create interactive info-graphics about the green spaces of Birmingham, and much more.


Maps courtesy of Google Maps.

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